Host Failure (VEN1 Cloud)


By Dan Miller on 30th August, 2018.

An issue has occurred on one of the hosts in our VEN1 Cloud site, some customers may have experienced virtual machine reboots as High Availability restarted affected services.

Our engineers have been alerted to an issue with one of the hosts in our VEN1 facility. Some customers hosted in that facility may have noticed their virtual machines were restarted at around 6:00AM BST as they are all protected by High Availability.

We are currently investigating the issue and will reach out to those customers affected directly.

2 responses to “Host Failure (VEN1 Cloud)”

  1. Secura says:

    Customers with affected VMs have been contacted directly. We continue to work with the vendor to assess the root cause of this issue.

  2. Secura says:

    The faulty component, which triggered the issue, has been successfully replaced in the physical host.