VPC – ISL1 Host Warnings (At Risk)


By Dan Miller on 21st September, 2018.

At Risk: We have received warnings on one of our VPC ISL1 hosts, no virtual machines should be affected and we are removing the affected host from the platform while we investigate.

Our engineers have received a warning alarm on one of the hosts on our ISL1 Availability Zone within the VPC Environment. At this time we are not seeing any issues on customer virtual machines running on the affected host. This incident should be considered “At Risk” only as no running systems have been affected.

As a preventative measure we are removing the host from the cluster while we investigate the issue.

If you are experiencing any issues with your virtual machines in ISL1 please raise a case at https://eu.myconnectwise.net/secura or via email to [email protected]

One response to “VPC – ISL1 Host Warnings (At Risk)”

  1. Secura says:

    The host has now been taken out of maintenance mode and re-introduced to the cluster. All systems appear to be functioning as normal.