VMware vCentre Appliance Maintenance — NGD Datacentre


By Secura on 6th December, 2018.

VMware vCentre Appliance Maintenance

Site:  All NGD Customers
Date:  Monday 10th December
Time:  Between 0900 GMT and 1400 GMT — extended to 18:00 GMT
Works:  VMware vCentre Appliance Maintenance

What are we doing?

We are updating and making performance improvements to our VMware vCentre Appliance in the NGD datacentre.

What does this mean to you?

Virtual machines, hosted at the NGD datacentre, will continue to run normally.

However customers will not be able to make changes to these virtual machines. This includes operations such as power off, power on, firewall rules, vAPP creation, etc


Update 12:45 GMT

We are working with VMware to resolve some issues and therefore extending the maintenance window until 18:00 GMT

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