Planned Maintenance – VEN Core Networking


By Dan Miller on 13th February, 2019.

We are performing firmware upgrades to our Enfield core access switch

Site: VEN (Enfield)
Dates: 27/02/2019 – 28/02/2019
Times: 20:00 – 02:00
Works: Access Switch Firmware upgrade

What are we doing?

We are upgrading the firmware on the Enfield core access switch. This is relating to the on-going capacity upgrade works.

What does this mean to you?

The firmware upgrades cause some switch ports to go offline while that part of the device is upgraded. All our VPC, Storage and Internet routing is designed to have resiliency built in. As such for most of our customers, this should be considered at-risk only and the traffic should automatically route to the active nodes on the device.

A small number of customers have configurations dependent on these switch ports and we will reach out to those customers directly to explain the anticipated impact of this maintenance.

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