NGD1 Network Issue


By Secura on 23rd June, 2019.

We are aware of connectivity issues to one of our hosts in the NGD1 availability zone.
This was resolved on 23/06/2019 by 07:17

On Sunday 23/06/2019 between 06:30 and 07:17 one of the hosts in NGD1 became network isolated and was unable to respond. This caused a number of customer virtual machines and firewalls to become isolated from the core network.

This was resolved by 23/06/2019 at 07:17 by restarting the network and management agents on the host. Services were restored immediately following this.

Initial investigation shows no obvious reasons for this and a ticket has been raised to VMWare for further assistance with identifying root cause.

We have applied fixes from the hardware vendor which may mitigate this issue going forward. We will continue to monitor the hosts for any future issues.

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