CloudFlare Network Issues


By Dan Miller on 24th June, 2019.

We have received reports of issues on the CloudFlare network which may be affecting customer sites.

We have been made aware of some issues on the CloudFlare network that may be causing some customers issues. If your site is making use of CloudFlare you may be experiencing some issues accessing your sites.

We are monitoring CloudFlare status for this incident at

It may be possible to temporarily disable CloudFlare proxies during this incident. If you require assistance please contact our ServiceDesk.

Update – 26/09/2019 09:42

CloudFlare confirmed that issues were resolved, however identified that the issues were caused by third parties advertising parts of the Internet IP space incorrectly. This problem affected a number of networks including those used by CloudFlare.

CloudFlare themselves have released a comprehensive blog post explaining the issue in detail. This is available at

Update – 24/06/2019 12:49

CloudFlare have identified a possible route leak affecting a number of their IP ranges and working to resolve the issue.

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