Planned Maintenance – ISL Storage


By Secura on 8th January, 2020.

We are performing firmware upgrades to one of the VPC storage arrays in ISL1

DateMonday 13th January 2020
TimeBetween 18:00 and 23:00 GMT
WorksStorage Array firmware upgrade

What are we doing?

We are performing updates to the firmware on one of our VPC Storage arrays in the ISL zone. This has been recommended by the vendor to prevent potential availability issues.

What does this mean to me?

Storage Array upgrades should have no impact on any customer services. The arrays are designed with resilience and components are upgraded in sequence to keep the systems online throughout the process

Update 13/01/2020 18:00 – We are now commencing the upgrades of the storage array.
Update 13/01/2020 18:50 – We have completed all updates and not encountered any issues. If you have any problems please contact the Service Desk as normal

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