Incident: Intersite Network Issues (ISL/VEN)


By Secura on 24th August, 2020.

Incident: Intersite Network Issues (ISL/VEN)

Sites Affected:ISL/VEN
Incident Start: 24/08/2020 19:20 (BST)
Incident End:Ongoing

Incident Details

We are seeing brief (< 2 second) flaps on switch ports hosting one of our intersite fibre connections between our data centres in Enfield and Slough. We are currently in communications with the supplier to identify the cause.

Who May Be Affected?

Customers with services hosted in both data centres (ISL, Slough and VEN, Enfield).

Further Updates

We have seen no further incidents since 22:42 (BST) and are continuing to monitor closely. We continue to work with the supplier on gathering information on the cause of the two previous incidents.

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