Emergency vCloud Maintenance


By Secura on 7th June, 2021.

We are troubleshooting an issue with our VPC platform requiring a restart of some cells.

Good Afternoon,

Just to make customers aware we are troubleshooting an issue identified within vCloud Director regarding stopping and starting virtual machines.

We are currently in a call with VMware and they will shortly be restarting services on 3 out of 4 vCloud cells which will leave us in an ‘at risk’ state.

This will be on the following environments;

vpc.securacloud.com and ISL1, ISL2, VEN1 and NGD1.

No impact is expected to be seen by our customers during this time.


Update – 09:20 08/06/2021

Last night as per our customer communication we, alongside VMware carried out some works on the database that sits behind vpc.securacloud.com which will have rendered the site inaccessible for the duration.

Post this work it looks to have resolved the issues seen and we have been monitoring overnight into this morning.

We are hopeful to close this incident off later this morning.

Closure – 10:00 08/06/2021

The work carried out on the database with VMware yesterday has resolved the issues seen with stopping and starting VM’s within the VPC environment.

No further action is required and this notification is now closed.

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