Emergency Maintenance – Storage Array Restart


By Secura on 4th September, 2018.

We are performing emergency maintenance to one of our Dell-EMC storage array in Slough ISL1

Site: Slough (ISL1)
Date: Thu 06 Sep
Time: Between 1800 and 2359 BST
Works: Storage array restart

What are we doing?

We have identified an issue in our storage infrastructure and have worked with VMware and Dell-EMC to troubleshoot it. In order to progress and resolve this issue we will need to restart one of our Dell-EMC arrays.

What does this mean to you?

This should be considered “At-Risk” only. Customer virtual machines should continue to run without impact and the VPC Portal will remain available.

One response to “Emergency Maintenance – Storage Array Restart”

  1. Secura says:

    Storage array was successfully restarted.